Qadriyah library

From the very inception of the World Federation of Islamic Missions H. E. Maulana M. Fazlur Rahman Ansari (R.A) kept in mind the importance of the Holy Quran and the saying of the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH that to achieve knowledge is obligatory to every Muslim man and woman. 

He gave permissions to knowledge seeking persons to get benefit from his personal books and kept one room reserved for such persons. Gradually when Islamic Centre started constructing the building and space was available for establishing a library a room was reserved attached with organization office for the purpose. The Library named after a grand scholar of his time and reviver of Islam Hazrat Mohiuddin Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) as Qaderiyah Library.After some time when the number of attending person of library and students of the AIIS were found increasing the Board of Directors decided to shift it to a spacious hall called Salika Hall constructed by a deceased member of Board of Directors Seth Muhammad Usman (RA).At present the Qaderiyah Library consist of approximately 20,000 books kept in separate Almirahs and classified according to Dewy system. Now the Qaderiyah Library possibly is first & only library of Islamic Institutes where all the books of the library are computerized according to subjects & author-wise. The books can be traced at entrance without looking in almirah. The way in which these are computerized is found in Karachi University and Hamdard University and possibly no where else in Karachi.Most of the books are in English, Urdu, Arabic and Persian languages. 

About 10000 books are rare which are kept separately. These books and various Encyclopedias along-with other costly books are kept separately for Reference only. A separate section (space) is allotted for scholars, where students of University and various other institutions come for reference and for their research papers.The WFIM wish to make the Qaderiyah Library as specialised library in Quranic subjects like Tafseer, commentaries and Quran in different languages of the world. We request to all Muslim brothers & sisters residing in different parts of the world and speaking different languages to assist us in making this library a first grade library in this respect. Federation would be thankful if the viewers to this website contact the organization in this connection and contribute in this noble task of collecting Quran in different languages at one place.

Your contribution of the Holy Quran, your advice to develop the library and any other suggestion for better achievement the goal would be high appreciated.