Dr Fazlur Rehman Ansari Academy

Dr. F. R. Ansari Academy is one of the important projects. It was established in 1999  and the main motive to establish it was to feed Aleemiyah Institute of Islamic Studies  where minimum qualification for admission is matriculation or ‘O’ level. The AIIS was  and still is facing difficulties to have intelligent and well versed in English language  students for its studies.

The Dr. F. R. Ansari Academy wishes to produce matriculates  with good knowledge of English language and religious fervour suitable to become a  good Islamic Missionary. For the purpose a special curriculum was framed with  religious training and Quranic memorization of the Holy Quran. It started up from  very scratch and by the grace of Almighty Allah, it has reached up-to ninth class.  Classes for boys and girls are held jointly up-to sixth class, and after that the girls  are not admitted to further classes, and classes are held for boys only up to  matriculation. The academy is governed by a committee formed by Board of Directors of WFIM. It is supervised by a Lady Principal qualified educationalist of Secretary Grade. It is  recognised and registered by Secondary Education Board.

Apart from these all high spoken qualities, it is also to be appreciated that,  considering poor community of the adjacent area, the tuition fee for all classes is  kept quite low in comparison of all other schools of the area. Other than the  facilities and high quality education being provided, the WFIM gives further  concession to the students whose parents are serving the WFIM or any of its projects.  The Academy gives concession to the parents whose more than one son or daughters  are studying in the Academy. To run an educational institute in Pakistan is a beneficial project, however after  completing its 8 years the Dr. F. R. Ansari Academy is still running in deficit.

The  viewers of website are requested to assist the Academy monetarily and are requested  to send their children to the Academy to acquire proper knowledge of Islam along- with their secular subjects. In view of this problem, the Directors of the World Federation of Islamic Missions  proposed to have their own institution from K.G. classes to Secondary level with the  following aims and objectives.

To utilize modern methods of education by direct and visual aid.

To emphasize the need of scientific studies and acquisition of general knowledge.

To encourage the study and practice of Islamic ideals by emulating lives of the Heroes of Islam.To prepare the students for ‘Nazra’ and ‘Hifz Quran’.

To develop the sense of honour, loyality and honesty of purpose.To develop sense of values.

To encourage clean and hygienic ways of life.

To develop moral courage, character and discipline.

To develop civil habits, gentleness, courtesy, good manners and respect for Law.

To inculcate and encourage independent thinking and power of expressing thought clearly.

To develop child’s moral, mental and physical abilities with the ultimate aim to inculcate the basic spirit of Islam amongst students.

After a test of previous and current knowledge of a student (boy/girl) admission is  granted according to his/her ability in primary classes. The parents/guardians have  to fill and sign the admission form available in the office of the Academy. Principal’s  decision in this regard is final.

This is a one-time payment and is non-refundable.

The tuition fee as per approval of Directorate of Education Karachi is required to be  paid in advance not later than the 10th of each month. Student failing to pay the  tuition fee will not be allowed to appear in examination and the Progress Report or  result may be withheld unless the dues are cleared.

The amount has to be paid on yearly basis to cover expenses incurred on consumable   material and also include payment related to extra curricular activities.

If parents wish to with draw their ward from school for any reason, they must give the office one month written notice in advance or else a month’s full tuition fee will be charged. No School leaving Certificate or transcript of the student’s record will be issued until all dues are settled.  All fees are subject to annual review or as per approval of the Education Department   Karachi, the fee structure may be revised as and when warranted in evitable for   administration.

The Management of the Academy has approved a Uniform for the boy/girl students   which is displayed in the office and may be had from the approved contractor on placing an order for the same.  

Nazra and Tehfiz ul Quran. Teaching of Nazra and Tehfizul Quran is the speciality of   this Academy. Equal stress is laid on formal education and religious education as well. For this, a highly qualified Religious Scholar is engaged with the ultimate aim to teach Nazra and Tehfiz ul Quran to the students in prmary classes. To attain this purpose, adequate periods have been allocated in the Time Table.

To facilitate the students in sports in their games period, a lawn in the backside of the Academy equipped with sports items has been provided where the students are free to play under the supervision of their teachers in healthy atmosphere.

There is a large library in the premises of Aleemiyah Institute of Islamic Studies with a great numbers of books on all subjects. It is being planned to provide religious and   short story books to the students of this Academy.

Any student keeping not well during the Academy hours is referred to the Health Centre situated in the premises where qualified and well-experienced Homeo Doctors provide free medical treatment to the ailing student.

Efforts are being made to arrange a van to facilitate the students living in the distant areas, depending on a reasonable number of students desiring to avail the facility of   transport.

The Management has selected and appointed qualified and trained Teachers under the able guidance of a Principal who is a retired Deputy Director of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Department Karachi.

If you wish to educate your children in peaceful and harmonious atmosphere where Religious and Formal Education o together with the best tone and discipline, please  contact the Principal during the school hours.