Aleemiyah Institute of Islamic Studies

A Project of Wolrd Federation of Islamic Missions

The world to-day is under the complete sway of Materialism. The dominance of materialism, despite its scientific and technological advancement has contributed practically nothing toward moral, social and spiritual development of mankind. 

Humanity is, therefore, beset with problems of the gravest nature and seems to be bereft of the very essence of life – peace of mind and soul. Moreover, the crisis thus created has brought in its wake multi natured, challenges.

To meet fully the challenge of the hostile ideological forces which are attacking Islam in all parts of the world, to fulfill truly the religious needs of the scattered and religiously-ill-equipped Muslim minorities of the world, and to reach out successfully the .Message of Islam to all the ideological groups of mankind is the crying need of Islam today.

This need cannot, however, be fulfilled without producing Vlema of a comprehensive type.The comprehensive ‘Mema cannot be produced without reforming the system of Islamic theological education currently in vogue in the Muslim world.

The required reformed system should be based on the following three factors:(i) Education in theological subjects should be on such a level as to create insight among the recipients.(ii) Side by side with theological knowledge, a proper knowledge of the modern philosophical and social thought, critically evaluated in the light of Islam, should also be imparted to enable the ‘Ulema to know at first hand the problems, the doubts and the difficulties which confront the modern mind, and thereby to reach out successfully the Message of Islam to modern humanity.(iii) Education and training in Islamic personality-culture and social service.